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Post  Diggindawg on Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:54 pm

Have you ever been in the staff on another server? I am headmod on a server. It took hardword, I started off as helper and was offered admin, I denied because I wanted to play survival.if yes, what server? (ask reminant about me, the owner)How old are you? 15 years old and 8 days (as of sending this message)Since what version have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing since around 1.2How much will you be on each day? Varies daily, usually at least 3-6 hours a day, more on the weekends except for saturday when I am with my girlfriend.Are you typically polite to people, no matter how unintelligent they are? Yes, I am very patient unless people lie to me or consistently break rules.Do you use good grammar? I don't know, do I? Wink Yes. I do.In-game name? My in-game name is Diggindawg
I do not feel like this has covered all that I want to be shown in my application. You may be wondering why I have left my previous server. it was hacked for reasons unbeknowst to me. Someone in my faction actually lost their account to the hacker and I left because my base was op-raided 8 times by 2 different people. This server had the most amazing pluggins and I could use this knowledge to help you get donations, players, and popularity.
I am not good with installing bukkit, but I know which pluggins the players like. Of course this is my first day on your server but it honestly looks amazing. I love the spawn setup.
Players like mcmmo. Ill tell you that right away. Mcmmo is considered overpowered in things like unarmmed and axes skill but there can be a max level set on them to limit the op like feature. Also, ptp would need to be removed, but i, and many others thoroughly enjoy mcmmo.
That is just a small example of the help I believe i could offer. I will also be brining four more people to this server because they are my friends, also from my last server. One person donated over 50 dollars to the server and the rest donated 5 dollars for vip, one was about to become moderator, one was helper and another was almost helper.
I know this is a rather long application but this is how much I care. I really enjoy helping the server but playing legitimate at the same time.
Please take this into consideration, anybody who did not care would not take this much time to write a detailed application like this.
-Diggindawg (also sent on pmc)


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