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Post  lonerx4 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:28 pm

The server came under attack by a new mod by the name of slyfoxxy12.
He donated last night around 9 PM. Me and crayons knew he was going to be a bad moderator just by the way he started out. "Carrying on to the important part of the crisis". I got tons of messages on Skype saying that everyone was getting banned by sly. So i came on to see what was the matter. Every 30 seconds someone was being banned. He had to be banned immanently. I have sorted out most of the people who were banned though Skype. So if you have been banned during this time. I would like you to Skype me at the_lonerx4 if you have a friend or yourself who has been banned. Or post your username and the reason you were banned below.
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