Ban Apeal part 1 (Yes theres 2 parts)

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Ban Apeal part 1 (Yes theres 2 parts) Empty Ban Apeal part 1 (Yes theres 2 parts)

Post  gunnafunnagaming on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:52 pm

I do NOT condemn to my ban, however I only hacked on the server for a reason, and one reason only. While the server was down with no plugins, I joined and was bored, I found some iron, killed some pigs, did the usual minecraft survival, eventually I found this hacker that X-rayed diamond. I decided I wanted the diamond so I killed him and took it. (By default I didn't hack those diamonds I killed someone WHO hacked them). I went through the server minding my own business and eventually met up with Loner... The HEAD-MOD on the server. However at the time he wasn't because everyone's ranks were gone, and it was vanilla. He said we should be "Allies" and "Meet Up" I knew it was fishy. I ending up meeting him and he killed me, with FIRE ASPECT, and ENCHANTED ARMOR (Or Armour).


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