King_Firebolt's Ban Appeal

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King_Firebolt's Ban Appeal Empty King_Firebolt's Ban Appeal

Post  King_Firebolt on Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:06 pm

Literalley like half an hour ago the moderatoer DmanSlayer banned me because I was accused of x-raying. I assure that this is not true. In three days i was going to donate for sponsor but i cannot now. I was framed by the Real x-rayer, King_Of_Blox. He was the one who told me he was x-raying. But King_Of Blox was offline and i was accused for x-raying. Also my friend (username ingame: Minecrafter737) was muted for trying to tell Dmanslayer to unban me. The person who probably told Dmanslayer that we were xraying was probably because the way we get our Diamonds is we have a cocoa bean farm and as you know 5 cocoa beans are $50 and diamonds are $100 for 1 so we get like 2 64 stacks of cocoa beans to sell and use all the money to buy the diamonds. So I am asking you to Unban Me King_Firebolt, Ban King_Of_Blox.I dont mean to sound super religious but i was going to donate as a christmas santa gift to you. Now you may now what christmas is about, Jesus, Jesus was teaching pretty much the same thing of Judaism, but His teachings were more with love, forgivness, and mercy. I am not trying to abuse His power but since i was framed, unable to donate, and BANNED I think this was unreasonable.

Sincerely, King_Firebolt king

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King_Firebolt's Ban Appeal Empty Ban appeal

Post  lonerx4 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:31 am

Sorry about all the trouble. DmanSlayer is a bad mod. I don't like him. He banned a new player for punching him and he didn't know he was a mod. Sorry about that. Unbanned.
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