Ban Apeal part 2 (Yes theres 2 parts)

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Ban Apeal part 2 (Yes theres 2 parts) Empty Ban Apeal part 2 (Yes theres 2 parts)

Post  gunnafunnagaming on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:53 pm

Now sense the server was up for a couple of days, there's no way he got that stuff without hacking. Anyways he killed me and ending up going back to spawn to find me and KILL me AGAIN. But guess what, not only did he kill me, he killed me with HACKS, and I knew it too. I was running on ice and he legitimately FLEW to me. Angry that I knew he hacked I called my buddy on skype and we tried killing him with hacks, he ended up recording the fight which I'll link here --->
But on his channel he has a video of him griefing WITH NODUS. Meaning he has it. Here is that video. ----->
Okay if that is not enough proof I got a message IN-GAME on the server before it got the plugins, and me getting banned, from CRAYONZ right here,


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