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Post  killerbob89 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:51 pm

Have you ever been in the staff on another server? Yes, Mine and my friends server which was shut down, but will start up later on. Plus I have my own ArmA2 Server (It's a military simulation game)

if yes, what server? Macconomy

How old are you? 15.

Since what version have you been playing Minecraft? 1.7.3

How much will you be on each day? I can be on most of the time, when I can't be near a computer, I can use my phone to get on chat (Yes, it does work, I used it on our server before)

Are you typically polite to people, no matter how unintelligent they are? Yes.

Do you use good grammar? Yes.

In-game name? Killerbob89

Also, I have some computer skills, like coding, scripts, modeling, etc.


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